System Repair
On-Site System Service, 1 Hour Minimum Charge $75.00 / Hr
In-Store System Service $75.00 Flat Fee + Parts
This includes diagnostic and software repair. This may include removal of spyware or viruses, tuning up your computer, fixing programs that aren't running properly, Internet connection troubles. Any parts that need to be replaced will be an extra charge. If you need parts and don't want to fix your computer we will still charge the $60.00 diagnostic fee. This is our minimum fee for working on a computer in need of repair.
Laptop Cleaning $125.00
This involves the cleaning and removal of dust from the laptop. This is extensive work and requires complete disassembly of the laptop chassis.
Laptop Power Plug Repair $150.00
If parts are needed there will be an additional charge
Other Laptop Hardware Repairs Quoted per Repair
Priority Rush  (You are first in line) $35.00
Software Installation (Up to 4 Programs) $25.00
Hardware and Drivers Installation (each) $25.00
File Backup $50.00
File Recovery $65.00
Internet Security Package $25.00
This includes: Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, a Pop-Up Blocker, and all available Windows updates